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How to Sell Your Home for the Most Money

Pro Tips to Sell Your Home for the Most Money

When you put your home on the market, it’s natural to want it sold fast and for the best price possible. Of course, a profitable home sale doesn’t just happen. From the moment you decide to sell, you should consider your home a full-time project. You must follow a step-by-step readiness plan until your sale is a done deal.

Our real estate agents are seasoned professionals. We understand that no agent can guarantee a maximum profit, but these suggestions can help you sell your home for the most money possible.

Find the Right REALTOR®

It’s easier to sleep soundly at night when you’re working with the right realtor. You never want to find out six months into the marketing process that your realtor doesn’t have the experience to meet your needs from pre-listing to closing.

  • Pre-listing recommendations
  • Home staging assistance
  • Home photography
  • Initial pricing and listing details
  • Open house hosting
  • Online and offline marketing
  • Bid, buy, sale, and closing document execution

Create Curb Appeal

If you plan to put your home on the market sometime in the future, get started right now on curb appeal. Find a realtor with the expertise to advise you on necessary maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Tidy and beautify your grounds and landscaping. Repair and seal damaged walkways and driveways. Add inexpensive landscape lighting to give your home elegant nighttime appeal. DIY the tasks or schedule professionals to make sure you get the work done.

Charm buyers with great staging

When you’ve lived in a home for a long time, you accumulate a lot of stuff that distracts buyers from seeing the value in your home. Get rid of the clutter and personal items before the first home buyer walks in the door. Consider hiring a staging expert to lighten, brighten, and redo your interior or seek your realtor’s advice on what to keep and what to pitch.

Price Appropriately

Overpricing may run potential buyers away when you’re hoping for a quick sale. Too low a price might have them wondering what’s wrong with your home. To avoid pricing pitfalls listen to your agent and do comparables research so you can price your home right on the first attempt.

Acquire Open-House Flexibility

If you want to sell your home, you have to let potential buyers inside to see what you’re offering. If you’re too busy to schedule an open house or private showing, buyers might decide you’re an open house snob or too busy to be bothered. Work it out with your realtor. before you miss out on a sale.

Respond Promptly

If a qualified buyer asks a critical question or makes a legitimate offer on your home, they probably don’t want to wait too long for you to get back to them. Buyers usually want fast feedback. You must answer questions and say yes or no to offers so your agent can negotiate a deal.

Be Ready to Close

If a qualified buyer wants to sign a sales contract right now, then close and move in next week, just do it! If they’re offering the price you want and your agent can arrange the details, schedule the closing, hire some movers, and get out.

We Are Experienced Professionals

Selling your home can be complicated and time-consuming, but we can make it easier. Contact Century 21 Community if you’re buying or selling a home in the Columbia area. If you’re not quite ready to put your home on the market, visit our Home Selling Guide for tips on selling your home. We’ll be ready when you are.