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Seller Advice: Find Out the Benefits of a Prelisting Inspection

Avoid Home-Selling Surprises with a Prelisting Inspection

The home-selling process can undoubtedly be full of surprises, but investing in a prelisting inspection will potentially save you both time and worry as well as helping you avoid some of those surprises. Prospective buyers interested in Columbia homes for sale will know that you are confident in your home’s value when our real estate agents are able to present them with the results of the inspection. Here are few advantages of a prelisting inspection.

Uncover Potential Problems Before You List

Having the inspection performed before you list could save you time and money. Any needed repairs or improvements that are found during the inspection can be completed before you list, and likely at a more affordable rate than the buyer might assume. Instead of negotiating the cost of repairs to be reflected in the selling price, taking care of it yourself may help keep money in your pocket. It may also save you the stress of trying to take care of the repair quickly during negotiations with a buyer.

Firm Up Your Asking Price

A home inspection is another resource that will help you decide the true value of your home. If there are potential issues and you choose not to take care of them in favor of letting the buyer do the repairs, this may give you a reason to lower the asking price. It’s possible to have the inspection show that your home is in better condition than you had assumed, and if so, you may actually be able to adjust your listing price upwards. Either way, this step will give you extra information to help you stand confidently behind your asking price.

Build Trust and Confidence

When a potential buyer sees that you have taken the time to have the home inspected, it will likely give them a good impression. It tells them that you want to be open and honest in disclosing the inspection results and that you are basing your asking price, at least in part, on the prelisting inspection. Assuring the buyer that they will be working with a trustworthy seller goes a long way in getting your home sold.

Make Your Home Easier to Market

Your real estate agent is trained to market and, of course, sell your home. However, a prelisting inspection actually helps your agent do his or her job. They’ll have the inspection results readily available to share with interested buyers, saving time and extra expense. Our real estate agents can even assist you in deciding how best to deal with any issues found during the inspection.

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