HomeReal Estate Tips April 12, 2021

Home Improvement Information

There are many ways for you to increase the value of your home. Some may cost you very little, while others are more expensive. You will have to weigh your options and decide if the improvements that you want to make will increase the value of your house for more than what you put into it.

Curb Appeal

Increasing your curb appeal is a great way to make your house look more amazing. An easy update is to paint your front door, or just give it a good cleaning to bring it back to life. Keeping everything symmetrical also makes your entryway appealing. Outdoor lighting can also make a huge impact on your home while providing safety and security.

Making over your mailbox can also complement your home. Get a great looking mailbox, paint it or add some great plants and flowers around it. Adding shutters or painting your trim is another great way to give your house more appeal. A more expensive option for curb appeal is replacing your vinyl siding, but it does have an average recoup rate of 95.5%.


Repairing and painting your interior walls can instantly upgrade the interior of your house. Fill in any holes and prime and paint your walls. Most paints cost around $30 for a gallon. You will also need things like painter’s tape, brushes and rollers. If this seems like a lot, you may want to hire a professional.


Updating your lighting can bring new pizzazz to your outdated look. Big-box stores will have some inexpensive options for you to bring new life to your home. If you’re on a tight budget, you can try using the fixtures you have and just painting them or buying a new shade for a lamp.

Don’t Forget the Attic

Adding an attic bedroom is a great way to add more value to your home. When you add insulation to your attic, it will also help lower your utility bills. You will need to see if your current HVAC system can handle the load of adding another room. Adding a solar-powered attic fan is a great way to add super efficient cooling to your house.

Outdoor Spaces

A porch or deck is a great way to bring new life to your backyard. A 16 x 20 foot wood deck costs around $11,000 and has a 90% recoup rate. Add some decorative planters to bring some life to it. If you have an unattractive air conditioning unit in your backyard, camouflage it with a trellis.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

If you are looking to spend a bit more money, consider using that budget in your kitchen or master bathroom. You’ll get around a 102% recoup rate on fixing up your bathroom. Inexpensive things to do include or re-caulking your tub or re-glazing it. Add a new coat of paint to the walls and update old shower curtains. Dated flooring can seriously bum out a new buyer. Make sure your bathroom has an awesome new floor in it.

A kitchen remodel can have a return of 98.5%. You could re-face your cabinets and drawers. Changing out your laminate countertops is also a great thing to do to increase the appeal of your kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t have recessed lighting, that is another cheaper option to consider that will add some value. Make sure your kitchen also has some great flooring. It costs a bit more to make this update, but it will totally help to bring in a buyer. Add a backsplash for an inexpensive update. Tin ceiling tiles are a great affordable option for this. Don’t forget about your window treatments—updating them can bring new life to your kitchen.

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